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Nicole Delay
AVP, Metro Hub Leader - Chubb Construction Major Accounts

Ronkonkoma, NY

Current City:

New York, NY

Current Position:

I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the underwriting team in New York. I have direct responsibility for aiding in the achievement of bottom-line profitability and top-line production goals of the New York and Pacific Regions. My concentration is on loss sensitive insurance programs for large trade and general contractors as well as wrap-ups for large construction projects.

What sets Chubb Construction apart?

I have only been with Chubb for about 6 months now, but this answer is easy: it’s the people who set Chubb Construction apart. This team of professionals has specialized construction knowledge in underwriting, claims, and risk engineering and are able collaborate well to offer a fully integrated coverage and service approach. The team also recognizes the values of relationships both internally and externally which allows for a streamlined approach to evaluating the exposure and navigating the risk.

What is one thing that is not commonly known about you?

I originally thought my career would be in healthcare. I began my college journey as a pre-med student, and I even became an EMT during college to start getting real hands on experience with patients in emergency situations. It wasn’t until I hit organic chemistry that I realized I wasn’t destined to be a doctor. While I was flunking organic chemistry, I was also enrolled in a business insurance class as an elective and I found my niche there and have enjoyed all of the experiences I have had in the insurance industry over the last twelve years.