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Small Business

Offer your small business customers integrated insurance backed by a strong partner


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Help small businesses get easy access to industry leading insurance options 

You can make life easier for hardworking small business owners by offering convenient integrated insurance. A Chubb partnership allows you to build on your existing relationship in a way that benefits you and your small business clients. You can offer them professional indemnity coverage, protection against cyber threats, business travel insurance, and much more.

By providing small business owners the option to purchase the right coverage in a way that’s convenient for them, you give them time to focus on the important work of successfully building their company. The results for you are greater revenue and longer lasting relationships with more-successful business owners.  

$1.2 trillion
protection gap globally as of 2019 (USD)
$3 trillion
market for embedded insurance in total in 2020 (USD)
Coverage highlights

We’ll work with you to offer your small business clients innovative coverage options like these

Small business package

A comprehensive package that wraps up multiple coverages your small business clients need like property, professional liability, equipment breakdown, crime, and much more.


Small businesses can be just as – if not more – vulnerable to data breaches and other cyberattacks because they don’t have an entire IT team guarding them. Help reduce that risk by giving them access to cyber insurance and services – protecting them from phishing, malware, and other cyberthreats. 

Seller protections

Protection for retailers against claims their product caused harm or damage. Chubb is the global provider of seller protection for Amazon marketplace merchants. 

Directors & Officers (D&O)

Coverage to help business leaders keep their personal assets protected from costly lawsuits – even more important at a small operation where the directors and officers may make up the entire company. 

Professional indemnity
From law firms to design agencies, many small businesses offer professional services — they’ll need errors and omissions coverage to protect themselves from lawsuits, and you can help make that a reality.

Business travel

As a global leader in business travel insurance Chubb knows how to build the right plan to keep small businesses covered wherever the work may take its employees.

And much more

Chubb partnerships are all about working with you to build whatever kind of insurance your clients might need. Get in touch and let’s figure out how we can help your business.

Our Approach
Our Approach

Why Chubb?

Customers want to know you have their best interests at heart – especially in the personal, passionate world of small businesses. As a trusted industry leader in small business insurance, can help provide that peace of mind – and stay a step ahead of your customers' needs.

We know your world

Digital moves swiftly. We’re set up to keep pace, and our global reach means you can offer relevant insurance in new markets as your business expands.

We get you up and running

Get insurance to go, digitally packaged up for you and your customers by our in-house tech hub, Chubb Studio.

We fulfill your vision

It's our goal to help you achieve your goals, by developing tailored insurance solutions on your terms.

We care about your customers

We take the time to understand your customers so we can help you take better care of your customers, with the right financial protection at the right time.


Scalable. Seamless. Secure

Chubb Studio, our in-house tech hub, powers our partnerships. We integrate what we do into what you do. We'll provide everything you need to offer the best service, from microsites to widgets and API integration.


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Get in touch
Get in touch

Ready to partner?

If you’re ready to grow your business with embedded insurance the next steps are easy. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you a demo of how we can enhance your business. We’ll work together to find the best solutions for you and your customers, then have you up and running quickly.

Welcome to Chubb Partnerships

The next steps are easy—just get in touch and we’ll show you how we can enhance what you already do by finding the best insurance solutions for your customers.