The Benefits of One

At Chubb, we are dedicated to assisting employers in safeguarding and nurturing their most valuable asset: their employees. Explore our cutting-edge products designed to adapt to the unique needs of your organization. Our tailored solutions extend beyond conventional voluntary and group benefits, aiming to enhance employee health and deliver substantial cost savings to employers.



Benefits All In

Empowering Employees While Reducing Healthcare Costs


Employers can save up to 10% of their group’s annual budget when Benefits Resource Genie works its magic.

Benefits Resource Genie's™ expert team provides a complimentary analysis that lets your client know how they can transform their medical spend — before educating employees on choosing the plan that best suits their unique needs.

Benefit Resource Genie™

Watch this short video to see how our Benefit Resource Genie™ can help reduce employers' healthcare costs.

Nayya’s benefits experience platform.

Nayya's benefits experience platform.

Discover how Nayya helps us provide personalized decision support tailored to your employees’ needs.

Nayya’s benefits experience platform.
Cancer Advocate Plus

The best in cancer care. Brought to mainstream America

A first-of-its-kind cancer-specific, genetics-based insurance program. Personal and precise cancer management based on your DNA.

Customizable benefit packages

Bundle the types of insurance your clients want with Chubb Workplace Benefits.

And customize the fit by setting the coverage levels for each benefit and adding on optional extras.

Life Insurance

Get lifetime coverage at a fraction of the cost of whole-life insurance, with LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance.

Coverage can also be used for long-term care, adding flexibility and allowing access to benefits when they’re needed most.

Hospital Cash

Inpatient expenses are less stressful when employees have some coverage for out-of-pocket costs.

And when employers have the freedom to create plans specifically for their employees.



When an employee is unable to work for a covered reason, we can provide them with some income.

With the flexibility to include benefits for pre-existing conditions and first-day coverage.

Cancer Advocate Plus

Personal and Precise Cancer Management Based on Your DNA

A first-of-its-kind cancer-specific, genetics-based insurance program that provides tools and resources for an individual to proactively understand their risk of cancer, more effectively manage a cancer diagnosis, and offer insurance protection to help with the potential financial impact of a cancer diagnosis.


Provide employees with coverage for unexpected accidents and costs.

Pays 25% more in benefits for injuries from organized sports, and coverage levels can be customized for specific benefits.


Critical Illness

Coverage for serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes could make a big difference to employees.

With cash benefits and advocacy benefits to make the coverage go further.

Filing a Claim is Easy

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Which enrollment partners do you work with?

We work with major partners and platforms to ensure smooth integrations with HR systems. 



What additional services are provided?

Employees can gain access to our Best Doctors Program, Health Champion Resources and our Healthcare Advocate Program.



What experience does Chubb have in this area?

We’ve been offering workplace benefits solutions via our dedicated business unit for over 20 years.



Who Is Chubb?

Chubb is a world leader in insurance with operations in 54 countries and territories.