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Protect what's important

From your home and treasured possessions, to the people you love and care about most, you have a lot to protect. You need the level of service that comes from working with an insurer that specialises in crafting protection solutions for successful individuals like you.


Let us help. Reach out to our Customer Service team for assistance.

Business Insurance

Protect your business

Your business has its own unique set of risks. We start by identifying them and finish by insuring them, so your coverage offers real peace of mind. Learn how we can help your business thrive in the years ahead, whatever the risks you face.


We are here for you

We know that customer service – and in particular, claims handling – are important measures of an insurance company's worth. Chubb proves its expertise to customers like you by using only the best resources available to handle every claim fairly and speedily.

How is Chubb different?

Our claims services provide us opportunity to show you what what “craftsmanship” means in service to you.