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Goods can be damaged in transit due to their nature, the type of transportation used or its destination. If you’re in the transportation business, the risks facing every consignment will be all too real for you. So will the potential damage to your bottom-line and reputation. Find out how our Transportation Risk Management solutions can help you mitigate these risks with a difference.

Service Highlights

Areas of expertise

Chubb’s Transportation Risk Management team is based worldwide and has extensive experience in the shipment of all manner of goods including:

  • Raw materials and commodities
  • Food products and pharmaceuticals
  • Manufactured and consumer goods
  • Equipment for large infrastructure projects

With many years of experience in the transport industry, our Transportation Risk Managers have been recruited from backgrounds that include seafaring, logistics, heavy transport, warehousing, loss adjusting and quality control.

As part of the underwriting team, our Transportation Risk Managers provide advice and intelligence that allows us to fully assess and rate a risk. This knowledge is available to our client base and can be supplemented with reviews of shipping operations and client visits.


  • Global experience – Chubb’s Transportation Risk Management team has a worldwide presence
  • Packaging review – Assessing the suitability of packing of goods for shipment
  • Handling stowage and securing – Pre-shipment/load/discharge surveys on high value cargoes
  • Warehouse suitability – Inspections look primarily at risk of fire and theft, but can also include inventory management
  • Sensitive cargoes – Guidance for perishable, time and temperature-sensitive cargoes such as pharmaceuticals and food
  • Supply chain – Review of carriers’ contracts and suggested improvements to the supply chain to ensure good business continuity
  • Education and training – Seminars on such topics as cargo security, cold chain, shipment of out-of-gauge cargo
  • Global network – Use of information and intelligence available through our global network in respect of port and country conditions, cargo theft hotspots and other topics of interest to shippers

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