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COVID-19 has transformed the world of travel. According to the World Tourism Organisation, international tourism is expected to have declined over 70% in 2020, back to levels 30 years ago*.


With the uncertainties surrounding overseas travel, many look to domestic travels and staycations as the new travel norm - balancing the need to practice caution and safety alongside the desire to take a break and escape from daily activities. 


As part of the Singapore Government’s effort to boost local tourism and to provide Singapore residents with greater confidence to head out and explore the city, Chubb is pleased to introduce to you our domestic travel insurance product, Travel Local.


Travel Local is designed to provide domestic travellers with greater peace of mind when taking a local holiday or staycation, while supporting local businesses.


Are you planning a staycation soon? Complement your trip with Travel Local and rediscover Singapore with greater confidence! 



Coverage Highlights

  • S$10,000 Accidental Death and Disablement benefit
  • S$1,000 Staycation Cancellation benefit 

* World Tourism Organisation (23 December 2020). Impact Assessment of the COVID-19 Outbreak on International Tourism (


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