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Manage Policy

Get answers to some of the most common questions pertaining to update of policy and contact details, access to policy documents, billing matters, and more.


You can manage your Chubb policies via MyAccount - an e-Services portal that allows you to:

- Access your insurance coverage details at a glance

- Update your contact number at your convenience

- View your policy premium details and update credit card information

- Submit a claim and review claim status

You can register for an account here or click here to login to MyAccount.

You may login to MyAccount to update your contact information under 'Your Profile'. 

For change of name/NRIC/date of birth, please contact us here

Kindly note that nomination of beneficiary is only applicable for policies which provide coverage in the event of death.

To make a nomination on your policy, please submit the completed Revocable Nomination Form to 

You can submit a request to reinstate your policy via the online form.

Please note that the reinstatement of a lapsed policy is subject to policy terms and conditions. 

Policy Benefits & Documents
Policy Benefits & Documents

Don't worry! You may login to MyAccount to view your policy benefits and coverage under 'Your Policies'. 

You may also download a copy of your policy documents for your review and retention. 

Yes. You may login to MyAccount to download a copy of your policy documents, by selecting 'Your Policies',  'View Policy' and click the 'Download' link for your Certificate of Insurance and/or Policy Wording.

Premium Payment & Deduction
Premium Payment & Deduction

You can update your credit card details under the 'Policies' tab of your MyAccount dashboard.

If you have just signed up for the policy, the initial premium amount charged to your account may be more than one month due to the billing cycle of the policy. Subsequently, the premium will be charged on a monthly basis. 

If it is your existing policy being charged for more than one month premium, the reason could be that there was an unsuccessful deduction of the premium in the previous month(s). Hence, we billed your account again for all unpaid premiums and included the previous uncollected month(s). 

Cancellation & Refund
Cancellation & Refund

To ensure you are covered against life’s unexpected events, we hope you can reconsider before cancelling your policy.

If you'd still like to proceed with the cancellation, you may login to MyAccount to submit your cancellation request or via the online form. It would usually take 3-5 working days to process any cancellation request. 

It would usually take 3 - 5 working days to process any cancellation request. 

It would usually take 10 - 30 working days to process any approved cancellation refund.

Due to our billing arrangements with the bank, your policy premium might have been sent for deduction prior to receiving your policy cancellation request. 

Please be assured that premium charges after the cancellation date will be reversed accordingly. The charged premium will be refunded to your account within 30 working days.

Claims Submission
Claims Submission

You can submit your Accident & Health (A&H), Travel, Residential, or Gadget claim online via MyAccount – an e-Services portal that provides instant access to manage your policies or claims.

After submitting your claim online, you will receive an instant acknowledgment notification and token number, which allows you to track the progress of your claim. You can also upload supporting documents which can help to limit follow-up requests from Chubb and in turn, reduces the life cycle of your claim.

For all other personal insurance claim, you may download the respective claim form and submit the completed form to us via email:

For more details on personal insurance claims, visit our FAQs.



Please refer to the respective product policy wording for full terms, conditions and exclusions. 

Published 11/2023.