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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Personal Insurance Claims

Get answers to some of the most common questions pertaining to personal insurance claims. 

Claims Submission
Claims Submission

You can submit your Accident & Health (A&H), Travel, Residential, or Gadget claim online via MyAccount – an e-Services portal that provides instant access to manage your policies or claims.

After submitting your claim online, you will receive an instant acknowledgment notification and token number, which allows you to track the progress of your claim. You can also upload supporting documents which can help to limit follow-up requests from Chubb and in turn, reduces the life cycle of your claim.

For all other personal insurance claim, you may download the respective claim form and submit the completed form to us via email:

It typically takes up to 10 working days for claims to be processed, upon receipt of the acknowledgement of claim. This is provided no further details or supporting documents are required.

We seek your understanding that you will not be allowed to review or amend your claim after submission. If you require any assistance, please contact us via WhatsApp chat.

Yes, the maximum document size will be indicated during your online submission via MyAccount. Typically, the limit is up to 20MB.

Yes, you can add up to four claimants per claim.

Accident & Health Claims
Accident & Health Claims

You can obtain a copy of the Inpatient Discharge Summary from the hospital concerned. This is usually available at no cost.

If your claim amount is below S$1,000, we accept a copy of the Inpatient Discharge Summary as an alternative to the medical report. However, depending on the complexity of the medical condition, we may still request for a copy of the medical report. 

No, you can only seek reimbursement for incurred medical expenses from one insurer.

In general, we typically only pay the claim to the insured. For any changes, you can indicate accordingly on your claim submission on MyAccount and we will review on a case-by-case basis. 

If the claim is admissible under the policy, we’ll pay the benefit sum to the estate of the deceased. If a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration is available, we’ll pay the nominated person(s) as outlined in the document.

If the deferment of medical treatment doesn’t result in any deterioration in your existing medical condition and/or cause or lead to other medical conditions, your claim will not be penalised.

Note: Your policy may contain provisions that stipulate the time frame within which expenses must be incurred, and these provisions will continue to apply.

Yes, we accept claim submissions via email, provided your claim doesn’t relate to the reimbursement of medical or related other expenses.

We can still consider your claim if there are valid reasons for the late submission, provided that the delay hasn’t prejudiced our assessment of the claim. Please include the reason for the late submission when submitting your claim.

You may submit any additional supporting documents via MyAccount.

Travel Claims
Travel Claims

Some of the common claim scenarios include: 

  • Medical Claim (including Travel Cancellation): Please submit a claim to your private health provider prior to submitting a claim with Chubb. 
  • Travel or Baggage Delay: Please obtain an official document from the airline or carrier confirming the flight number, delay period and the reason for delay. 
  • Loss, Damage, or Theft of Check-In Baggage: Please report the incident to the airline or carrier and submit a claim to them. In many instances, they may be responsible for the damage and/or loss. Please also obtain a loss/damage Baggage Report from them for your records. 
  • Loss, Damage, or Theft of Other Baggage: Please report the loss, damage of theft to the local authority/police and retain the Police Report for your records and for submission with your insurance claim. 

The supporting documents required depends on the nature of claim. You can submit your travel claim via MyAccount and the system will provide the relevant prompt accordingly.

You may provide any other available documents confirming the proof of ownership of the damaged/lost item. Please note that if the document does not establish the ownership and the age of item, it may result in a revision of the claim payout after adjustment for depreciation or wear and tear.

You must report the loss to the local police or a relevant local authority (i.e. hotel or airline) within 24 hours of the incident. Please obtain a copy of the loss report for any subsequent claim.

No, this is not covered under the policy.

For overseas emergency assistance, please call the 24-hour Chubb Assistance hotline at +65 6836 2922 for immediate support.

No, trip cancellation due to work-related conference or schedule is not a covered reason under the policy.

Yes, Chubb will reimburse the medical expenses incurred within the specified time frame from the date of your return to Singapore, up to the maximum amount specified for the relevant benefit, provided that you seek the initial treatment in Singapore within the time limit stated in your policy.

In order to submit a claim for consideration, the trip disruption has to fall under the list of reasons covered under the policy. Please refer to your Policy Wordings or contact contact us via WhatsApp chat.



Please refer to the applicable product policy wording for the full insuring clauses, definitions, schedule, extensions, terms, conditions, exclusions and limits of liability of the policy.

Published 10/2023.