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Risk Engineering Products and Services

As a leader in insuring those in the construction industry, the Chubb Construction Practice Group also brings its innovation and critical thinking to safety efforts in the construction industry.

Culture Assessment & Leading Lagging Tools

The Diagnostic Tune-Up tool was designed to give you an in-depth look at your organization, focusing on your strengths, limitations and improvement opportunities. The Leading and Lagging tools are designed to assist in the identification of key leading and lagging indicators that impact construction safety performance and culture.

Baseline Loss Analysis

By taking an historical look at your loss experience, you’ll be able to view the information in a variety of ways.

Resource Guides

The Chubb Construction Resource Guides are a series of guides published periodically; each containing awareness information along with tools and resources relating to areas where you can specifically manage safety and loss in today’s construction industry.

Contractor Management

Managing contractor safety performance is a necessary element of your construction management process. Ensuring your contractors know your safety and quality expectations, are qualified to perform the work, pre-plan their operations and are held accountable for their performance are critical in establishing a pro-active safety culture.

Crane Management

Virtually every construction project relies on cranes in one form or another. They are used to hoist and place structural components and building materials, dredge rivers and lakes and build bridges and dams. It is for these reasons - together with the variations in design, capacity and capability – that cranes are to be revered, respected and fully understood.

Construction Safety Investigator (CSI)

Chubb Construction has taken a different approach towards safety tool box talks. It’s an approach that engages both the presenter and participants in the information being provided and makes this important safety instrument exciting and engaging.

Construction Defect/Water Intrusion

The Record Inspection and Verification Tool provides you a means to organize the quality process, facilitate discussion and communication among construction practices, provide a document with which to track construction processes and finally to provide a means to document completed operations and related installation information and inspections.

Safety and Health Checklists

Effective and consistent project audits are a proactive means to ensure that all aspects of a project are evaluated regularly to ensure appropriate and expected safety measure are being implemented. It is but one of many pieces to the safety management puzzle.