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Chubb Risk Engineering Center

Our risk engineers are passionate about loss prevention.

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We've created an advanced, collaborative, and interactive educational facility for the next generation of risk management. 


Experience Chubb's Risk Engineering Center

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Risk Management Training


  • Helping companies, employees, municipalities, and business partners reduce the risk of loss and strengthen strategies to keep operations safer and more profitable
  • A 14,000 square foot, state of the art facility
  • Loss mitigation training with knowledgeable and experienced professionals
  • Modern audio visual systems, allowing training sessions to be attended and viewed remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Extensive array of services and offerings comprised of Fire/Property, Casualty, Equipment Breakdown and more training and educational sessions
  • Chubb Risk Engineering Center Training courses are offered virtually and in person at 35 Columbia Road, Branchburg, New Jersey, 08876




Our property protection courses are comprised of sprinkler valve and fire pump testing, warehouse fire protection, fire detection, standpipe systems, sprinkler plan review, the importance of inspection, testing and maintenance and water damage mitigation. All courses offer live demonstrations and the opportunity for hands on.

Equipment Breakdown

Our equipment breakdown subject matter experts offer courses on boiler controls and safety devices and water treatment for low pressure heating systems. These courses are conducted in person and virtually and use cutaways and experiments to show how the equipment works.

Worker/Fleet Safety

We have the capability to offer training on worker safety and fleet auto. Topics can include slip trip and fall, personal protective equipment, industrial hygiene, and ergonomics. Our fleet subject matter experts can focus on developing a fleet safety program, autonomous vehicles, and incidental fleet. Contact us for more information.


"I lost my friend to an auto crash when we were teenagers. That's really what drove my passion."


Jenn Guerrini
Executive Auto Specialist, Risk Engineering Services

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Meet our Leadership Team

The passionate leadership team at the Chubb Risk Engineering Center are dedicated to delivering an engaging and interactive learning experience focused on property and employee safety. They are readily available to answer any questions you have regarding the center and the wide range of offerings provided.     

Tips & Resources

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5 steps for preventing construction falls and creating a safer worksite

Alarmingly, construction worker fatalities have been rising since 2015. On-the-job casualties in construction account for approximately 20% of deaths across all U.S. industries — and falls account for more than a third of these deaths.1

Creating a fire prevention plan for your business

Whether it’s caused by flammable materials, arson or mother nature, fire can pose a devastating threat to your commercial property. Indeed, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there were 481,500 structure fires in the United States in 2019, causing $12.3 billion in property damage.1

2024 Safety calendar
2024 Safety calendar

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