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Construction Industry

Established Vendors

In order to expand our capabilities and explore new means of risk management, we have established partnerships with various vendors in the construction industry to help us gauge the impact they have on managing and reducing our clients’ risks.


Automated subcontractor pre-qual system that utilizes AI to develop scorecards for subcontractor benchmarking and evaluation. Highwire reviews safety documents; develops lagging and leading indicators of risk: recordables, experience modification rating (EMR), days away, restricted or transferred (DART), incident rates, safety management systems, and training.


Tech-enabled physician medical practice for onsite assistance. JSC delivers immediate medical care at the construction site via either FaceTime with physician or onsite EMT. Continuous and complete "concierge-level" recovery support to injured workers, wherever they are. JSC can provide medical trailer for jobsite.


IOT recording devices; Video cameras, motion sensors. Third party observation of video footage to identify safety hazards from bird’s eye view. Video reports generated daily for review of accidents/near misses/safety violations. Product helps ensure worker safety, accelerate productivity, and collect historical evidence. Contractors find biggest benefit in training aspect, reviewing these short clips in next day tool box talk.


Chubb’s In-House water monitoring, leak detection and water shut-off devices/systems. StreamLabs product will help monitor and detect leaks early to prevent significant water damage. Shut off device automatically turns water off if threat of water event.

As used here, the term “established vendor” signifies a third party with which Chubb has entered into a marketing arrangement. Chubb assumes no liability or responsibility for products and/or services related to any partners identified on our site. Each customer should assess what products or services may be suitable for their own organization.