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Raising the Bar on Safety

Safety Week

Learn how Chubb Construction Risk Engineering is committed to partnering with the construction industry to help mitigate accidents and enhance the safety culture on current and future projects.

Be pro-active

A safety week message from Chubb Construction Risk Engineering

Construction Safety is a broad, multidimensional term that should encompass more than just personal protective equipment (PPE). It should address proactive design and planning, worker orientation and training, adequate personal protective equipment and fall protection systems. With technological advances such as drones, proximity devices, and AI, a modern construction firm should also be aware of these advances within the industry so the full spectrum of safety enhancement opportunities can be considered in your efforts to continuously improve the safety culture. Lastly but certainly not the least, a pro-active safety culture must include a commitment from both management and workers. For more information on Chubb's Construction Industry Practice, visit

Pre Job Planning
Pre Job Planning

Exposure Assessment

Success in the construction industry depends heavily on essential and effective planning. Pre-job planning may be the most important tool of any safety program; it is a proactive approach to safety. Chubb Construction Risk Engineering has created an “Exposure Assessment Tool” that is intended to provide the basis for completing and enhancing proactive safety processes such as Project Specific Safety Plans. 

Valuable Tool
Valuable Tool

Chubb Construction Safety Investigator (CSI): Tool Box Talk

Learn how Chubb Construction takes a different approach towards safety tool box talks.

Team Effort

A safety week message from your partners at Chubb Construction Risk Engineering

The Construction Industry has and continues to play a significant role in making the U.S. a leader in the industrial world. This would not be possible if not for the dedicated and talented men and women working in this proud and storied industry.

Safety Week is the construction industry’s forum to reiterate the value and importance we place on our workers and to reaffirm our commitment in enhancing the safety culture on our construction projects. The construction industry requires a collaborative effort by management and labor to elevate the approach on safety for all construction projects.

Management has the responsibility to ensure workers have a safe work environment including but not limited to planning, equipment and training. Labor has the responsibility to adhere to and execute those safeguards. It’s a Team Effort.

Chubb is proud to partner with the construction industry to help mitigate accidents, enhance the safety culture on projects, and deliver tailored solutions.


For safety week, we would like to share a poem about Health and Safety written by Don Merrell titled “I Chose to Look the Other Way.”

We hope you read and share this poem during safety week on all of your projects with the special men and women that make the construction industry one of the best industries in this great nation.

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