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Construction Umbrella Coverage Highlights


  • Experienced construction underwriting and claims specialists
  • Innovative solutions to address unique construction-related requirements
  • Appetite for large complex risks including specialty underwriting and loss control
  • Ability to produce locally admitted policies in most countries


  • Lead or Excess Capacity - Umbrella or Follow Form Excess
  • Practice policies
  • Project specific policies including extended completed operations coverage
  • Wrap-Ups (CCIP/OCIP)


  • Minimum premium: $50,000
  • Minimum underlying requirements: $2M per occurrence/$4M aggregate for general liability (except in NY where $25M limits are required), $1M for employers liability and $1M for auto liability
  • General Contractors - $100M revenue or greater
  • Trade Contractors - $50M revenue or greater
  • OCIP’s, CCIP's, Joint Ventures, Project Specifics – Projects with Construction Value of $100M of more


  • Up to $25M per occurence/aggregate-additional limits may be available
  • Attachment point: preferred attachment point within first $100M excess of underlying insurance

Target Clients

  • Commercial contractors
  • Commercial Occupancies – Manufacturing, Industrial contractors, Warehouse or Office
  • Healthcare projects
  • Hospitality
  • Infrastructure Projects – bridges, tunnels
  • Apartments – units not owner occupied
  • Maintenance Wraps – energy, manufacturing, utilities
  • Energy Plants – new and upgrades

Restricted Classes

  • Subject to individual program and risk assessment and underwriting
  • Residential construction

Looking for umbrella and excess liability insurance for a construction business?

We can help with that.