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Molly Neureuter
Chubb Professional Associate, Primary Construction

Eden, NY

Current City:

New York, NY

Current Position:

I am a primary construction underwriter for the New York and Pacific regions. I underwrite a number of contractor and wrap-up programs in the United States.

How long you have been with Chubb?

1 year and 5 months

What sets the CIP apart?

Chubb’s Construction Industry Practice provides tailored solutions that help unpack the complex and interconnected nature of the construction industry’s risks. Together we can break down a risk and work collaboratively to provide solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. From an industry practice underwriting perspective, the ability to view an insured’s business as a whole allows us to provide tailored products and services in lieu of a one size fits all approach.

What is one thing that is not commonly known about you?

My background is in Atmospheric Science. In college I studied meteorology where I learned about both localized or mesoscale events such as tornados and larger or synoptic scale events such as hurricanes. I have had the great fortune of storm chasing across the United States, being part of an Atmospheric River research team, and helping research and publish a paper on lake effect snow bands across the Great Lakes.