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George Cesarini
Senior Vice President
Construction, Major Accounts


Queens, NY

Current City:

Garden City, NY

Current Position:

Senior Vice President, Construction, Major Accounts. I am responsible for managing the risk engineering services provided country wide to our construction clients, ensuring quality and value added services that assist them in their efforts to enhance their safety culture and mitigate potential exposures on their project sites, is being delivered.

How long you have been with Chubb?

14 years

What sets the CIP apart?

The construction industry is a dynamic and production driven industry. It is also one of the most dangerous industries in this country. Our construction risk engineers come out of the construction industry, they understand how projects are built and the challenges our clients deal with on a daily basis. This knowledge earns them credibility and trust with our clients, which affords us the opportunity to work collaboratively with them in achieving the ultimate goal of successfully building the project and having every worker return home safely to their families at the end of the day.

What is one thing that is not commonly known about you?

I had the good fortune to spend the early part of my career working on the operations side for major construction firms, building large scale projects such as roads and high-rise buildings throughout the NYC area.