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A Look at Technology in the Construction Industry

As New Technologies Emerge, Cyber Risks Build Fast For Construction Companies

Technology is bringing a wave of change to the industry — transforming everything from how buildings are designed and built, to how workers are kept safe and projects are managed. It’s also ushering in new and heightened cyber risks

Technology Transforming the Construction Industry

Technology is bringing a wave of change to the Construction industry — transforming everything from how buildings are designed and built, to how workers are kept safe and projects are managed.


New Business Models, Technology Raise Professional Liability Risks for Contractors

Construction is a specialized, highly competitive industry. As they assess their risk management strategy for their evolving exposures, contractors should seek to work with a carrier that has expertise in the construction industry and is experienced in working with professional liability and cyber risks. The construction industry is experiencing major changes as it adopts new project delivery systems and new technology. Amid these changes, contractors need to adapt their risk management strategies to keep pace. 


Promoting an Effective Safety Culture and Use of Drones Helps Reduce Fall Fatalities in Construction.

In this informative blog, you will learn the importance of:

  • Making Safety Part of Workplace Culture
  • Putting Safety to Pratice: The Role of Technology
  • Striving for Zero Accidents

Cyber Resources

Cyber Risk Management

Tap into Chubb’s industry-leading experience and expertise to help you address the risks you and your business face.

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Construction Industry Solutions

Chubb delivers integrated property & casualty and specialized insurance solutions with sophisticated claim management, loss control, risk and safety engineering. Our coverages and services are tailored to construction risks from large loss-sensitive primary wrap-ups, maintenance wrap-ups, to contractor’s practice policies, master builders' risk policies, or project specific contractors, owners/developers and professional service firms. Our unique industry practice group provides domestic and multinational clients with a full spectrum of products including primary casualty, excess/umbrella liability, environmental, builders’ risk, contractor’s equipment, surety, and professional liability, in addition to solutions from our world-class risk management services group, ESIS®


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Raising The Bar On Safety In 2020

Learn how Chubb Construction Risk Engineering is committed to partnering with the construction industry to help mitigate accidents and enhance the safety culture on current and future projects.