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Elementary and Secondary (K-12) School Insurance

Manage K-12 School Risks

As an elementary or secondary school administrator, the challenges you face each day can be daunting–dealing with safety issues, aging infrastructure, information security, disaster preparedness, and more. At Chubb, our tailored property and liability insurance products and services address those risks so you can focus on what matters most. Hazards may include:

  • A pipe bursts in your school's library, destroying computer equipment and many books.
  • A fire in your school's academic building causes significant property damage and requires classes to move to a nearby facility.   
  • An employee is injured after tripping on a cracked walkway outside the school’s cafeteria.
  • To appease parents and students, a 60 year old female teacher is terminated and replaced with an energetic 27 year old male teacher with a dynamic personality.

K-12 School Insurance Highlights

  • Concerned about an allegation of mismanagement or a lawsuit from a faculty member claiming age discrimination when replaced by a younger teacher? Chubb's ForeFront PortfolioSM for Not-for-Profit Educational Institutions is designed specifically to meet those complex needs.
  • Elementary and secondary schools can face financial implications and administrative burdens when students are injured during school-time events. Chubb's Student Accident insurance has options to meet your needs.
  • An aging infrastructure and expense management in K-12 schools can make it difficult to keep power generation systems up to date. Chubb's broad "all-risk" Customarq property policy automatically includes insurance for Equipment Breakdown

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