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Workers Compensation for Mid-sized Companies

Your employees are your company's most valuable resources. When accidents happen, our experienced team helps you manage the workers compensation process and assists your injured employees in getting the care they need to recover and return to work as quickly as possible.

A Better Experience. A Better Outcome.

You want to keep your most valuable assets—your employees—safe, but it's an unfortunate fact of any business that sometimes things go wrong. Employees can get hurt on the job despite your company's best efforts to prevent accidents.

Should a workplace accident occur, you are committed to returning the injured employee to good health and back to work. At Chubb, we share that same commitment.

Program Summary

Program Structure

Customized Workers Compensation program designed with the needs of middle market companies in mind. 

Program options (subject to filling and eligibility requirements): 

  • Guaranteed cost
  • Dividends
  • Loss sensitive – including large deductible and retrospective rating plans

Learn more about Chubb’s Middle Market Loss Sensitive Unit Capabilities.

With Chubb you can provide more insurance protection for all your employee accident coverage needs by including International and Accident & Health lines of business such as: 

Chubb has deep expertise across a range of industries with numerous insurance solutions. For more details view our Appetite Guide.  

Risk Engineering Services

Chubb’s risk engineering professionals can help you reduce or eliminate risk factors in the workplace.  Our in-house network of more than 400 risk engineers around the globe helps companies anticipate and minimize costly exposures. Our 70-year history demonstrates our commitment to service excellence in providing loss mitigation services to companies like yours. Learn more.

Claim Management

Our Solutions

At Chubb, our focus on solutions means that we collaborate with our customers throughout the entire insurance relationship--from helping you identify hazards and prevent accidents to handling claims quickly and farily while offering support for injured employees. Count on us for:

  • Rapid claims reporting via our loss reporting system available online 24 hours a day.
  • Making every effort to respond within 48 hours once a claim is reported.
  • Prompt delivery of disability checks and medical fees, including issuing the first disability payment within 14 days of notification whenever possible.

Our Services

At Chubb, we are about more than insurance. We build relationships—from the start and as your business grows. Our approach to workers compensation includes:

  • Proactive managed care: With our prompt attention to injured workers, managed care provider networks, pharmacy programs and an early return-to-work program, your employees will receive the appropriate care they need to recover and return to the jobs quickly.
  • Fraud detection and prevention: We help you recognize fraud and take steps to combat it. You are able to report suspicious lost-time workers compensation claims to the Chubb Special Investigation Unit using our fraud hotline (1-800-35-CHUBB), and we provide you with educational resources to discourage fraud.
  • Litigation and recovery management: Rely on Chubb to help you control costs with Alternative Dispute Resolution, experienced workers compensation defense specialists to assist on fraudulent claim cases, and efforts to recoup costs when a third party may be liable.

Our Approach

Our approach brings an integrated team that understands your business and recognizes the importance of better outcomes throughout all aspects of workers compensation, including:

  • Helping find ways to create a safer workplace.
  • Addressing claims promptly and fairly.
  • Assisting in managing costs.
  • Providing support to get employees back on the job as soon as possible.

With Chubb, you'll know what to expect from your workers compensation carrier: commitment to a better experience for a better outcome overall.

State Information


California Medical Provider Network (MPN) and Employee Information

  • The Division of Workers Compensation in California is changing the regulations surrounding Medical Provider Networks. Learn more.


Illinois Preferred Provider Program (PPP)

  • The Division of Workers Compensation of the Illinois Department of Insurance has implemented regulations surrounding the Preferred Provider Program (PPP). Learn more.

New York

New York Managed Care Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Employee Information

  • The Division of Workers Compensation in New York has implemented regulations surrounding the Managed Care PPO Program. Learn more.


Texas Accident Prevention Services

  • The Division of Workers Compensation (DWC) of the Texas Department of Insurance has established new Accident Prevention Services regulations which apply to workers compensation policies in Texas. Learn more.

Texas Health Care Network and Pharmacy Program

  • Chubb’s hallmark claims service has achieved a reputation for handling claims promptly, fairly and empathetically. Chubb claims management is available 24 hours a day to take worker calls and help with claim notification. Learn more.
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Workers Compensation Claims Overview