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Medical Provider Network (MPN) Background:

California enacted rules establishing the Medical Provider Network (MPN) as an option for employers. The purpose of the MPN is to provide timely, appropriate medical care to injured employees. Chubb encourages participation in the MPN as it can be considered a benefit to employees. The information below outlines the initial process and maintenance activities of the MPN.  A formal implementation is no longer required. 

MPN Process:

Step 1.  Verify one of the Chubb underwriting companies listed below is identified in your current Worker’s Compensation policy.

  • Ace American Insurance Company
  • Bankers Standard Insurance Company
  • Chubb Indemnity Insurance Company
  • Chubb National Insurance Company
  • Executive Risk Indemnity Inc.
  • Federal Insurance Company
  • Great Northern Insurance Company
  • Pacific Indemnity Company
  • Vigilant Insurance Company


Step 2.  Complete the employer segments of the DWC-7

  • Insert the date you elect to participate in the MPN in the MPN Effective Date field.

    The MPN remains in effect as long as coverage continues under your Chubb policy.

Step 3: Optional – Post the MPN Medical Access

Step 4: Complete the Attestation Form and submit to Chubb via email:

MPN Maintenance Activities:

  1. Maintain the DWC posting.
  2. Provide employees with the Employee Packet at the time an employee reports a work related injury or condition.

Jacob Seehoffer with Corvel is also available for questions related to the MPN and to assist in the enrollment process. Jacob’s contact information is copied below.

Jacob Seehoffer | Regulatory Compliance Specialist – CA MPN

CorVel Corporation | Orange, CA

P: 714-385-8761 |

Chubb’s Nurse Consultants are available to answer MPN questions. The best means of reaching a Nurse Consultant is via email at:  You will receive a response within 2 business days. In the event that your question is of an urgent nature, please contact our claim office and ask to be transferred to a Western Region Nurse Consultant.

Main phone: Toll Free: (213) 612-0880
Toll Free: (800) 821-5009


Find Medical Providers

To find medical providers use the Medical Access Assistant line or use the following instructions to access the online Corvel MPN:

  • Go to
  • Click "Provider Look-up"
  • Click "Find a Provider"
  • Select a Network "California MPN"
  • Enter your zip code
  • Under Specialty, select "Occupational Medical Center", then click "Find Providers"
  • This will provide you with a list of medical clinics in your area that are part of the MPN

At Chubb, we believe that timely, early reporting of a claim is the best approach to containing your workers compensation costs and assuring your employees receive appropriate medical care. Participation in the MPN will help support medical cost containment and facilitate prompt return to work. If you do not already participate in the MPN and are interested in participating, please notify Chubb prior to implementation so that you will be in compliance with state regulations.

Thank you for you being a Chubb insured.

Additional Information

For more information about claim management services from Chubb, contact your insurance agent or broker.