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The Texas Division of Insurance created the Texas Health Care Network in 2005 to provide a tool to employers in their effort to control rising costs of claims. A major part of this legislation was the creation and certification of networks of providers that were focused on return to work and treatment guidelines, and provide timely, appropriate medical care to the injured worker. The information below outlines the process of the HCN. 

  • The benefits of a PPO network can only be obtained through a certified HCN. 
  • Employer implementation is required. Packets must be in English, Spanish and any other language for which the employer has a 10% employee population.
  • Opt out is not permitted for employees.
  • Pharmacy program is managed by CorCareRX

HCN Process

Initial Implementation:

Transition from Prior HCN:

Maintaining HCN:

Find a Provider

To find a provider in the HCN, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Provider Look Up"
  3. Click on "Search"
  4. Select a network = Texas CorCare Certified Network
  5. Enter the maximum distance “30 miles”
  6. Enter the zip code
  7. Click "Find Providers"

Chubb’s Nurse Consultants are available to answer HCN questions.