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Illinois Preferred Provider Program

The Department of Insurance in Illinois passed legislative changes to the workers compensation system via HB 1698 on June 28, 2011. This legislation created the IL Preferred Provider Program (PPP), an optional program for employers.

The Joint Commission on Administrative Rules approved and posted rules for PPP for Workers Compensation on March 4, 2013. As part of the rules, employers are able to direct medical care into a Preferred Provider Network in order to provide timely and appropriate medical care for injured employees.

To assist you in complying with the new regulations, we are providing: the Step by Step Process, the Implementation Notification Packet, and Employee Notification Packet. All forms are provided is English and Spanish.


New to PPP

PPP Transition (from prior PPP)

  • Notify all employees of the change in PPP. Any delay in notifying your employees about this change may impact your ability to implement the new PPP.
  • It is recommended that all employees receive the State-issued PPP Program Notice along with an Implementation Packet Implementation Notice upon changing a PPP.


Time of hire

  • It is recommended that ALL new hires receive a copy of the PPP Implementation Notice at time of hire.
  • Document return receipt of the PPP Advisory Notice is recommended.

Time of injury

  • At the time of a reported injury, an employee MUST receive a PPP Employee Notification Packet.
  • Documenting return receipt of the PPP Notice of Preferred provider Program for Workers’ Compensation Care is mandatory to ensure compliance with the Illinois Workers Compensation Act (820 ILCS 305/8(a) and 8.1a). 
  • It is recommended that the Claims Administrator receive copy of the signed PPP Program Notice.
  • The employee may elect to opt out of the PPP for medical care. The employee must notify the employer in writing of their choice to opt out of the PPP. A copy of this notice must be provided to Chubb. Maintain the IL PPP Opt Out Log.

Locating a Network provider

To find medical providers use the Medical Access Assistant line or use the following instructions to access the online Corvel PPP: 

  • Go to
  • Click "Provider Look-up"
  • Click "Find a Provider" 
  • Select a Network “ State of Illinois PPP" 
  • Enter your zip code
  • Under Specialty, select "Occupational Medical Center” or “Minor Emergency/Urgent Care", then click "Find Providers" this will provide you with a list of medical clinics in your area that are part of the PPP

Documents to be attached / linked:

PPP Implementation Notification Packet:  English and Spanish

PPP Mandatory Notice Form:  English and Spanish

PPP Time of Injury Employee Notification Packet:  English and Spanish

IL PPP Opt Out Log