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Commercial Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance for U.S. Mid-sized Companies


Chubb’s Umbrella & Excess Casualty insurance offers mid-sized companies commercial excess and umbrella liability coverages to protect you against a broad range of critical risk exposures such as catastrophic events and reputational risk.

  • Broad appetite for risk
  • Flexible protection to meet your needs
  • Experienced umbrella specialty underwriters with flexibility to provide tailored coverage options
  • For companies up to $1 billion in annual revenue

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance Coverage Highlights

Multiple Insuring Agreements Combined into One Policy

  • Excess follow form for continuity over primary insurance (Coverage A), Gap Insurance when there is no underlying insurance (Coverage B) and blended pollution (Coverage C)


Multiple Towers of Protection

  • Separate aggregate limits including Advertising Injury/Personal Injury and Products/Completed Operations. No aggregate applies if the underlying limit is unaggregated.
  • As opposed to a typical competitor standalone policy, Chubb’s Commercial Umbrella policy contains four separate coverage aggregates that do not erode one another. 
  • More aggregate limits means more limits of insurance available to pay for covered losses.

Additional Coverage Benefits

Commercial excess and umbrella liability coverage features are included below:

  • Clear and simplified policy that follows your primary coverage provisions
  • Worldwide protection; wherever your operations or products may be
  • No self insured retention
  • Affirmative duty to defend against losses covered by our policy
  • Defense costs will not erode policy limits
  • Financially solid capacity


  • Up to $50MM Occurrence/Aggregate
  • Per location aggregate available
  • Admitted coverage (all states except Alaska, Louisiana and Vermont), even if one or more underlying policies are non-admitted

Target Client Profile

Companies who have the following:

  • Up to $1 billion in annual revenue
  • Industries that need financially sound capacity and competitive prices
  • Place value on consistent underwriting and pricing
  • Place value on expertise in claims handling based upon clear coverage forms
  • International exposures
Peace of Mind

Chubb Crisis Assistance For Excess And Umbrella, an automatic endorsement to our Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy

When the financial integrity and reputation of your company are on the line, Chubb is there for you. Chubb Crisis Assistance For Excess And Umbrella, an automatic endorsement to our Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy, provides peace of mind and flexibility when you need it most — as a crisis unfolds.

If a crisis occurs, and you reasonably expect it could impact your Chubb Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy and generate adverse regional or national media attention affecting your business, Crisis Assistance enables you to hire a Crisis Assistance Service Provider and provides funding for related, approved expenses.

Because catastrophe planning is vital to effectively managing your liability risks, the time to research potential Crisis Assistance Service Providers is now.*  You have the flexibility to select and hire a crisis management firm or other service provider with crisis management capabilities that meets your needs. If a crisis ensues, simply contact the service provider you have selected; then contact Chubb at 1-800-CLAIMS-0 (1-800-252-4670).

Chubb offers a $300,000 aggregate limit or 3% of each occurrence limit shown on the policy (whichever is less).

*Chubb Crisis Assistance for Excess And Umbrella is a post-crisis benefit and does not include crisis preparation costs. Please note that you are responsible for the services of the firms described above. Chubb does not identify, select, hire or arrange for the services of, such firms for you.

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