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The Chubb PrimarySM Commercial Crime Insurance

The pace of innovation continues to rise rapidly, bringing with it new ways for criminals to exploit companies with even the best internal controls. The Chubb Primary Commercial Crime Insurance helps protect companies against theft by employees and outside bad actors, including hackers and imposters

Social Engineering Fraud Crime Coverage

Even the best-managed company is vulnerable to a smart criminal able to pose as one of your vendors, a new client or employee. With Chubb’s social engineering endorsement, you can get additional protection against this costly and hard to prevent crime.

Protection for Community Association Leaders℠

You try to give back by serving in your local community association. You may not have realized that by doing some good, you could also be creating more risk for your personal assets.

ForeFront Portfolio℠ for Not-For-Profit Organizations: Crime Insurance

No organization is immune to the potential loss of an embezzlement scheme carried out over a number of years. This comprehensive crime coverage part is designed to help protect not-for-profit organizations from anything from employee fraud to third-party theft.

ForeFront Portfolio 3.0℠

Every company faces risks.  How your company deals with these potential perils however, directly impacts its financial health as well as the personal wealth of its owners and employees.

ForeFront Portfolio 3.0℠ for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations face a number of unique exposures within the coverage space. Chubb has customized crime coverage to address industry-specific needs.

Executive Protection Portfolio: Crime Insurance

Public companies face a wide array of potentially costly risks. Whether it is employee theft, forgery, computer hacking or social engineering, protecting employees and corporate assets is serious business.

ForeFront Portfolio 3.0℠: Workplace Violence Expenses

This crime coverage helps protect your company against a wide range of expenses associated with incidents of workplace violence, including the cost of optional crisis management services, where permitted.

Guarding Against Social Engineering Fraud

Despite its speed and accessibility, email remains an unsecure and unreliable technology capable of being hacked, altered and manipulated. Chubb’s whitepaper, co-authored by Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP and Paymentworks, explores how organizations can safeguard against social engineering schemes.