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Public companies face a wide array of potentially costly risks. Whether it is employee theft, forgery, computer hacking or social engineering, protecting employees and corporate assets is serious business.

Coverage Highlights

As the largest writer of Crime and Fidelity coverage in North America according to the Surety and Fidelity Association of America, Chubb believes the best risk management strategy for these risks includes quality insurance coverage, sound risk management procedures and protocols, and expert advice.

Benefits include:
  • Comprehensive insurance solution specifically designed to help publicly-traded companies protect themselves from potentially devastating threats to their financial well-being
  • Flexible crime coverage using proprietary coverage forms developed to address modern and emerging crime risks, including computer hacking and social engineering fraud, accompanied by sound risk management procedures and third party expert advice
  • Broad coverage backed by superior service, outstanding expertise, and commitment to help companies solve their crime and fidelity exposures
  • Access to Chubb’s risk management and loss prevention tools and materials

Tailored Coverage for Government Entities

Traditional crime insurance does not address the unique employment structure of a government entity, but Chubb’s Executive Protection PortfolioSM Crime insurance does. Click here to learn more about the coverage and claims scenarios.