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Industry Highlights

Whether you provide online transaction processing, infrastructure support, remote data storage, consulting, or other services, you help give your customers a competitive edge. But it’s challenging work: You must be highly engaged, networked and prepared to respond quickly to your client’s needs.

 Chubb knows your fast-paced industry. We have deep experience with companies like yours and offer global, integrated solutions that will help mitigate your risks.

Manage Risks

Consider the following:

  • If your subcontractor fails to deliver and you can’t meet your contractual obligations, you could be on the hook for breach of contract.
  • If your network isn’t backed up or your customer data isn’t mirrored, interruptions could be long and costly.
  • Your directors and officers agree to be acquired, but disgruntled minority shareholders disagree with the price and take legal action.
  • A programmer accidently deletes important data files and delays project delivery. Your company could suffer significant loss of revenue from missing a milestone.
  • If a cyber attack on your network leads to the theft of personally identifiable information, the costs of a data breach could be substantial.
  • If one of your trusted employee defrauds your company, losses could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • If your company restructures its workforce and gets hit with employee claims of discrimination, the financial impact could be costly.
  • You operate in a highly collaborative environment and your employees travel often and work long hours. Could you be at higher risk for allegations of sexual harassment?