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Higher Education Institutions

Industry Highlights

Manage Risks

Managing a Higher Education institution, you focus on cutting-edge research, international studies, new technologies, accomplished faculty and high-achieving students. Let Chubb take care of your insurance needs.

We have developed tailored insurance products and services to help protect you from myriad of hazards, including:

  • A fire in the Student Center destroys computer equipment and furniture.
  • A maintenance worker is injured when falling from a ladder while replacing light fixtures.
  • A school vehicle collides with another vehicle resulting in bodily injury and physical damage.
  • A campus visitor is seriously injured when a railing in the library atrium collapses.
  • A minority student alleges failure to provide due process and discriminatory treatment while being expelled for disciplinary reasons.
  • A college CFO sets up a fictitious vendor and submits fraudulent invoices which are paid by the college.

Insurance Highlights

  • Concerned about an allegation of mismanagement, failure to educate, or a lawsuit from a faculty member claiming failure to grant tenure? Chubb's ForeFront Portfolio for Not-for-Profit Educational Institutions is designed specifically to meet those complex needs.
  • Research buildings with chemical storage; demolition, expansion and construction activities; above and underground storage tanks; herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers used for campus grounds–are all exposures found at college and universities. Chubb's Environmental Solutions team can develop insurance programs tailored to your school's specific needs.
  • Every country's regulations, legal system and exposures are unique. Overseeing your international branch campuses and your ever-expanding study abroad program creates many challenges. Chubb's Multinational solutions provide insurance to meet the needs of colleges and universities.
  • As the academic world expands, faculty and administrators spend more time on the road...and the risks of travel accidents and emergencies can increase. Health, life and workers compensation insurance many not cover the risks sufficiently–and in some cases won't cover them at all. Student Accident Insurance can help fill coverages gaps, at home and abroad.

Student Travelers

Studying abroad is often the pinnacle of a student’s collegiate experience. Today, your institution is faced with unique and expanding risks when you send students abroad.

Read our article, Caring for Your Student Travelers, to learn more about the risks — and available protections.