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For more than 25 years, Chubb has been developing creative insurance solutions to meet the needs of this “win all/lose all” business. Today, Chubb offers specialized products and services that meet the unique needs of even the largest stage and touring theatrical productions. 

Theatrical Production Insurance Highlights

Chubb’s Theatrical Package includes protection for:

  • Theatrical Property
  • Performance Disruption
  • Extra Expense
  • Actors’ Equity (personal effects)
  • Money and Securities
  • General Liability

Manage Theatrical Production Risks

A water pipe bursts in a theater, resulting in extensive damage to the set, as well as props and wardrobe. In addition, the incident causes the cancellation of two performances, forcing management to refund two nights’ box office receipts. Chubb’s Theatrical Productions Package responds to the property damage and performance disruption.

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