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Builders Risk Insurance

Take advantage of the specialized solutions, experience, financial capacity and underwriting flexibility to meet the insurance needs of contractors and developers.

Homebuilders Builders Risk Insurance

Designed for residential contractors, Homebuilders Builders Risk coverage protects all sizes of homebuilders – from community developers to regional builders to single location dwelling construction.

Engineered Risk Insurance

Broad, flexible coverage designed to meet the unique insurance needs of large civil projects involving transportation and utility infrastructure.

Contractors Equipment Insurance

Chubb offers broad coverage for construction companies with significant equipment fleets.

Leased Property & Installment Sales

Insuring property you lease or finance can be complicated. Chubb’s creative, customized solutions make it easier.

Inland Marine: Online Tools & Solutions

Combine the ease and efficiency of web-based tools with Chubb’s expertise, customizable products and services, and commitment to service with u*writer Builder's Risk and u*writer Contractors Equipment.

Inland Marine Engineering Services

Regular loss control services are integral to Chubb’s specialized inland marine solutions and are included as part of the premium. For a more complex consultation, take advantage of these risk evaluation and management services, available on a fee-for-service basis.

Inland Marine Construction Project Plans

Chubb offers tips for shutting down and restarting Inland Marine construction projects. Download these tip sheets for a checklists on both closing your property for an extended period of time, and on restarting projects after a period of shutdown or slowdown.