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Designed for residential contractors, Homebuilders Builders Risk coverage protects all sizes of homebuilders – from community developers to regional builders to single location dwelling construction.

Coverage Highlights


  • Service-oriented account coordination and handling by a highly experienced team of construction underwriters
  • Customizable coverage to address clients’ exposures, including catastrophe capacity for perils such as earthquakes, floods, and named windstorms
  • Flexible reporting options and exposure basis depending on client needs
  • Multi-year programs available
  • Delay coverage available

From Start To Finish

Chubb Marine’s latest whitepaper, “A Start-to-Finish Overview of Risks in Building Master Planned Communities,” examines the many risks that can impact a project’s budget and completion, including property damage and destruction, construction material loss, weather-related losses, fire, theft and vandalism.


Homebuilders Builders Risk coverage is available for:
  • Individual Dwellings, Specific Community Projects or Master Reporting Programs
  • Completed Dwellings Awaiting Sale or Closing
  • Clubhouses, Common Areas and Amenities
  • Model Homes, Sales Centers and their Contents
  • Commercial Buildings, such as Schools or Strip Shopping if part of a Master Planned Community
  • Trade-ins, Buybacks, Lease Backs, or Foreclosures
  • Office and Construction Trailers and their Contents
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Vacant Lot Debris Removal
  • Free Standing Appliances

Tailor Homebuilders Coverage To Your Individual Exposures

Unique to contractors that engage in the construction of single family dwellings, Homebuilders Builders Risk covers a wide range of developers & is customizable to exposures like flood, earthquake, and named windstorm.