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Chubb’s creative, customized solutions help you meet your needs for insuring leased property, installment sales and floor plan property.

Coverage Highlights

Contingent Interest

  • When the financer requires the financed party to insure the property, there’s still a risk of insured loss if that party defaults. In these cases, our contingent interest policies help protect the financer’s insurable interest:
    • Contingent Single Interest Leased Property – insures the interests of financers who lease property to others
    • Contingent Single Interest Installment Sales – insures the interests of financers who sell property on an installment basis

Dual Interest

  • When the financer maintains the insurance responsibility, our dual interest policies protect both parties’ interest:
    • Dual Interest Leased Property - provides protection for financers who lease property to others
    • Dual Interest Installment Sales - protects the insurable interest of both parties of the finance agreement

Floor Plan Property/Dealer’s Stock in Trade

  • This insurance protects property while at a dealer’s location against direct physical loss or damage, whether encumbered by a secured lender or not.