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Large, global companies aren’t the only ones that face business kidnapping and extortion risks. Companies of any size can be a target for kidnappers or extortionists, either domestically or abroad. Managing the costs associated with such risks can push a small to midsize company to its financial limits. Chubb’s unique coverage can assist privately owned companies in successfully managing your kidnapping and extortion exposures.

Coverage Highlights


  • Private company underwriters located across the United States and experienced in a broad spectrum of industries
  • Professional crisis management, where permitted


  • Reimburses expenses for:
    • Kidnap ransom or extortion payment, including cyber extortion
    • Ransom delivery
    • Legal liability
    • Reasonable expenses incurred in connection with a kidnapping, extortion threat, hijacking, political threat, or wrongful detention
    • Independent security consultant
    • Product recall expenses
    • Business interruption
    • Accidental death and dismemberment
    • Emergency political repatriation
    • Disappearance investigation expense
    • Express kidnapping
    • Hostage crisis
  • Insureds include:
    • The company, its directors and officers, and full-time, part-time, seasonal, leased, and temporary employees
    • Independent contractors
    • Volunteers and interns
    • Relatives of employees
    • Guests on the company’s premises or in an employee’s home
    • Any person retained to deliver a ransom

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