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You’ve worked hard to assemble an art collection you can be proud of. To help ensure that it stays in top condition, year after year, we’ve put together five essential strategies for you to follow regularly.

1. Make sure your disaster preparedness plan is up to date. 

Update contact information for your emergency response team, including art handlers, storage facilities, and conservators. You may want to contract with a specialized storage facility that can allocate handlers, vehicles, and storage space for your collection in the event of a disaster. Update any special considerations for moving items, such as unique tools required, the location of crates, or instructions for unlocking display cases, and make sure your household is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently.

2. Update your inventory. 

If you don’t keep a detailed inventory, consider hiring an appraiser to complete a thorough inventory then upload the inventory to a cloud-based or online asset management system. Store a back-up version in a secure secondary location.

3. Get updated appraisals. 

To locate a qualified appraiser, consult the member databases of AAA (American Association of Appraisers), ASA (American Society of Appraisers), or ISA (International Association of Appraisers). Confirm with the appraiser that their reports are USPAP compliant, and let them know how the appraisal will be used, so they can provide the appropriate report.

4. Inspect frame hardware. 

Over time, nails can become brittle and nails used for hooks can loosen in the wall, causing the painting to fall. Consult with a professional art handler to inspect your collection’s hardware and make any necessary updates.

5. Consult a conservator for outdoor sculptures and works on paper. 

Consider getting an annual or seasonal inspection of your delicate paper works of art and any outdoor pieces that are exposed to weather, to keep them in good shape. To locate a quality conservator, consult the AIC member database.

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