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That swirling colorful mass headed towards your city. A reporter at the beach drenched in rain. We all recognize the signs of an approaching hurricane. Yet do you know what’s covered under your insurance policy if your home is damaged?


You might think it’s a good idea to buy extra coverage right before a storm hits, but in fact, many insurance companies will suspend new coverage and coverage changes during that time.


So as hurricane season begins, it’s a great time to plan ahead and check your insurance policies to make sure you understand what’s covered—and add anything additional you may need. Here are 3 things to review.

1. Your homeowner’s policy

Does your homeowner’s policy specifically mention hurricanes and windstorms?

  • Most of Chubb’s homeowner’s policies provide “all risk” coverage, and physical damage to your home caused by hurricane or windstorm may be a covered loss. However, a special deductible may apply in lieu of your standard deductible. And we look for ways to do more in case of serious damage—like finding you a premium hotel to stay at or making sure your pets are safe.


2. Your seasonal home
What do you do if your vacation home could be hit by a hurricane?

  • Chubb Property Manager is a complimentary service for Chubb clients in select states that can assist you by: conducting an automatic home inspection, providing a property condition report, and working quickly on filing a claim or short-term repairs.
  • You are eligible for this service if you have a secondary or seasonal property with wind coverage. However, condos, co-ops, and renter’s properties are not eligible at this time.
  • Already a Chubb client? To find out if you’re eligible for Chubb Property Manager and to enroll, click here.
Dark storm clouds rolling over a houses in a neighborhoods

3. Your flood policy

  • Most typical homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood damage due to hurricane, including storm surge or flooded rivers and lakes, on their own. You may be able to purchase a separate flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program to help cover damages.
  • However, our Chubb Personal and Excess Flood Insurance goes beyond what the National Flood Insurance Program can provide by offering you better protection—like coverage for proactive measures, higher limits, replacement costs, and more. To learn more and find out if you’re eligible, click here.

With Chubb, you’ll get comprehensive, not patchwork, coverage

  • We’re committed to being there with you every step of the way during hurricane season. And 97% of our clients with a paid claim are highly satisfied with their experience.
  • Find an agent to receive a quote today. Or if you’re already a Chubb client, log in to review your coverage.