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Win the New Journey

Successful families and individuals are researching and shopping online for insurance more than ever, fundamentally changing their purchasing journeys. With powerful strategies and resources from Chubb, you can take advantage of this shift and set yourself apart in today’s competitive environment.

The changing client journey

In today’s digital economy, consumers engage with and buy products and services online on a daily basis. Successful families and individuals are no different. With so much information on insurance readily available to them or marketed to them by carriers and agents, your clients and prospective clients may feel more informed and be more price-centric when calling you about their insurance needs. However, they are looking for your expertise to understand why their needs are unique and therefore require unique offerings. This presents as an excellent opportunity to grow your business.


The following powerful resources and tools can help you grow and retain your business by winning within clients’ new purchasing journeys.

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You and your colleagues can take advantage of changes in clients’ purchasing behaviors by learning new ways to win the journey.
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Facilitator’s Guide

A train-the-trainer guide to successfully facilitate the "Win the New Journeyʺ workshop, including instructions for each segment
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Powerpoint Presentation

Complete presentation, including videos, to train your colleagues and win more business
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Webinar: Strategies to Win the New Journey

Learn actionable, value-added strategies you can use to win clients and prospects in the evolving purchasing journeys.

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Agents and brokers are vital to Chubb’s success. To help you grow faster and more efficiently, we’ve created resource centers, tools, and programming you can use, and are actively investing in research and partnering with industry experts to share with you the best ways to understand and work with successful families and individuals.