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Help your clients look beyond short-term gains

Learn how to challenge clients to focus on the long-term picture.

Humans are hardwired to think short term. Even when long-term outcomes are better, we often opt for an immediate, short-term gain.

  • To do: Anticipating and valuing potential future needs
  • Do not: Sacrificing long-term value for short-term price benefits

By helping your clients focus on the future, you can assist them in understanding that value is more than simply a short-term gain such as a lower premium. The total value they receive is made up of a number of factors, including utility and impact, which can be either short or long term.

78% of clients have a clear understanding of the value an insurance agent delivers to them. You just need to remind them.


Reflect on the future

“You’ve no doubt been saving for retirement. How have you and your financial advisor built out your plan? What is your timeframe?”

“How much do you rely on your home equity to be able to retire comfortably?”

“What would happen to your savings if your home was severely damaged or destroyed by water or fire, and you had to pay, say, $300,000 out of pocket? Would you still be able to retire in the timeframe you are planning or would you need to push it out 3-5 years?”

Stretch the time horizon by presenting long-term strategies. In planning your approach, ask yourself how you can help your clients

Plan and design the right strategy

Example: “I design insurance strategies that ensure that you’re fully covered in case of an unfortunate accident or loss and that your retirement savings stay intact.”

Implement or adapt to the strategy

Example: “As your needs and circumstances change, you want to make sure you have a strategy in place to protect it.”

Capture the most value from the strategy

Example: “By working with us, we will make sure you’re taking advantage of complimentary services, like those designed to help you protect your valuables or secondary home when you’re away.”

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

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