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Here’s why we partnered with Reilly Training

  • For nearly four decades, Reilly Training has been helping sales professionals adapt to evolving market dynamics and succeed by focusing on their total value. With clients in a wide variety of industries, they have helped companies of all sizes grow their business.

  • President of Reilly Training, Paul Reilly, studies business models under disruption and evolving consumer behavior and has advised dozens of industry-leading companies, helping them take advantage of opportunities to win their clients’ purchasing journeys.
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Chubb and Reilly Training

Chubb is pleased to partner with Reilly Training, a research and training firm that studies consumer behavior and develops techniques to turn challenges into sales opportunities.

Reveal your true value

According to our research, clients who work with independent agents and brokers want more than lower prices.

Only 23% According to our research, clients who work with independent agents and brokers want more than lower prices.

Here’s where your true value lies, according to insurance consumers:

  • Identifying gaps in coverage
  • Making recommendations
  • Finding the right insurance policies to protect the client (not getting the lowest price)

What does this new journey mean for you?

As successful families and individuals are increasingly researching insurance online, you have an incredible opportunity to engage with them by leading with your value and compete more effectively in today’s market. To do so, we must first recognize that consumers are increasingly more price sensitive, and understand the reasons behind the changes in consumer behavior.

With strategies in place to address this price sensitivity, you can win the journey and grow your business.

Learn More
Learn More

Buyers view different solutions as the same. That makes price more important than it should be, leading clients to online disruptors who win on price.

Your clients have access to a lot of information. Whether online, or a result of direct marketing, clients today have more access to information than ever before – information that often highlights price and savings.

We live in a culture of cheap. Today’s consumers often substitute “value” for “cheap.”

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

Find resources to help grow and retain your business by winning the new purchasing journey of successful families and individuals.