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Set yourself apart

In some industries, sales professionals may consider matching competitive offers. But in doing so, they risk devaluing their original recommendations and cheapening their image.

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What makes you different?

As an independent insurance expert, you must set yourself apart by differentiating yourself from your competition and reinforcing the value you deliver on a regular basis.

Differentiate yourself

Research shows that only 39% of sales professionals believe what they offer is meaningfully different.*

But you must be able to sell your value and differentiate the strategy, products, and services you provide.


*Reilly Training research


Document points of differentiation

To get started, discuss these ideas with your team:

The suite of products and services we offer

How is it different and better than what our competitors offer?

Our agency

How are we different from our competition?

Our people

What makes us stand out?


Start with this simple worksheet

By identifying the differences that make you outstanding in the market, you’ll be able to better explain to clients what makes your offering different.

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

Reinforce the value you deliver

Once your clients have made a purchase, they may experience remorse – especially if they’re bombarded with mailers and campaigns advertising cheaper premiums.

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Thank, remind, and audit yourself

Document your value-added services by sending your clients

Thank you letters, emails, or instant messages highlighting your value-added services

Client service reviews highlighting the action taken to fix issues (these are great to post on your social media too)

Actively “value remind” by

Asking your clients to write a testimonial for you

Sharing positive information about you, your company, or the product via email or social media

Conducting a value audit to check on your performance with the client

Understand what they need

Correct issues before they become complaints

Still interested in more?
Still interested in more?

Find resources to help grow and retain your business by winning the new purchasing journey of successful families and individuals.