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The Changing Client Journey

Our industry is experiencing a fundamental shift that requires us to think differently about how we operate. Successful families and individuals are engaged with insurance online more than ever before, researching and shopping, which means their purchasing journey has changed.

That's why Chubb has invested in research to better understand these trends and help you take full advantage of new opportunities.

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The research

To help understand how families and individuals purchase insurance today and the value they see in working with independent agents and brokers, Chubb conducted a nationwide survey of insurance consumers.

What we found
What we found

By asking a series of pointed questions through out research, we learned:

  • How likely they are to shop online and why they do so
  • What value they feel their independent insurance agent brings to the relationship
  • Their expectations, interactions, and preferences when working with an insurance agent

The findings of our study were both eye-opening and encouraging. In short, there are things you can do, as an independent insurance agent or broker, to enhance and protect your business, even as our mutual clients and prospects shop online at a growing rate.

The client journey has changed

Successful families and individuals are twice as likely to shop online for their home insurance than are other segments of the population.

have shopped online in the past 12 months
are likely to shop online in the future

Price is not a main reason clients work with agent


When clients who work with an independent agent or broker were asked about the advantages of that relationship, getting a lower price didn’t even make the top three reasons. Instead, clients cited these benefits:

  1. Advice - Getting valuable guidance on how to protect their home
  2. Access - Ability to call a person vs. a company in case something happens
  3. Time - Saving time by letting the agent or broker research carriers
What we found
What we found

Most think agents should focus on what’s right for them, not price

said agents lose credibility when they lead with the lowest cost option
will follow their trusted agent’s recommendation, even if it’s a higher price option

Understanding how your clients and prospective clients are thinking about, researching, and purchasing insurance is an important first step. With powerful strategies and resources you’ll find from Chubb, you can take advantage of the opportunities presented by your clients’ new journeys and set yourself apart in today’s competitive environment.


Find resources to help grow and retain your business by winning the new purchasing journey of successful families and individuals.