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  • By email at
  • By fax to 877-201-8787
  • By mail to: Director of Claims, Chubb,  P.O. Box 5105, Scranton, PA 18505-0518

Dashlane is a password defense provider. Dashlane’s service helps improve cyber security by making it easier for individuals to create stronger passwords. The service generates strong passwords for websites, stores them in a secure vault, andsynchronizes them across multiple devices.

You can request Dashlane/Password Defense services at

Yes, you can keep your Dashlane account and data. You have the option to renew the Premium Edition at your own expense or Dashlane will revert to the “freemium” version.

Chubb’s Online Cyber Security Education service offers online training that can be quickly and easily deployed to educate individuals. Two courses are available: Security Awareness Basics and Security Awareness for Information Technology. The service also gives managers the ability to view employee results and course completion statistics.

You can request access to Chubb’s Online Cyber Security Education courses at

The Security Awareness Basics and Security Awareness for Information Technology courses can be deployed to all employees within your organization.

Yes, additional courses are available for an additional cost. Contact your local broker or underwriter for more information on what courses are available.

BitSight is a security ranking system that allows organizations to monitor cyber risk in their business ecosystem. BitSight security rankings are a daily measurement of an organization’s security performance generated through externally observable data. BitSight customers are able to gain insight into the security posture of third parties with whom they may work, as well as their own organization.

You can request access to BitSight/Security Benchmarking at

Yes, you can add additional companies for an additional cost.

Yes, Chubb allows you to use outside vendors of your choice, subject to the terms of your policy.

An Incident Response Coach is an outside attorney who works with you to coordinate a data security incident response, as well as retain other vendors such as forensic firms.

No. The Incident Response Team is staffed by attorneys and experts from outside firms that have been identified by Chubb. The team is compiled of experts in the legal, computer forensics, notification, call center, public relations, fraud consultation, credit monitoring, and identity restoration service areas.

It is up to you if you would like to speak with one of the coaches on our panel before an incident occurs, but it is not required that you do so.

Generally, Insureds can speak with a coach for an hour at no cost. This call can be very useful for you in determining what initial actions you should take.

Chubb Cyber AlertSM is an incident reporting app designed to offer you 24/7 incident reporting and response services at your fingertips. Use of the app gives you immediate access to Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team when an incident occurs. It is not; however, a method for reporting claims to Chubb.

The Cyber AlertSM app can be accessed on any mobile device. The app places you in contact with an Incident Response Coach in a matter of minutes to begin assessing a cyber incident that has occurred.

Yes, but using the app does not constitute notice of a claim to Chubb. To tender a claim, you must send the necessary information to Chubb per your insurance policy.

You will be connected to a specialist who will gather some initial information from you. An Incident Response Coach will then contact you in a matter of minutes to help you assess the incident at hand.

In many instances, a forensic accountant may be retained to assist you in calculating a proof of loss in connection with a business income loss.

Yes, is the primary website for Chubb cyber insurance information. If you need additional information or have specific questions, please contact your agent or broker.