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Cyber services

Understand today’s cyber risks

Learn more about the latest risks and trends to better protect your business.

Chubb Cyber Alert Mobile App
Cyber Alert® app

Get immediate access to Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team

Cyber events occur at a moment’s notice. Your response needs to be just as fast. Chubb’s Cyber Alert® app puts instant reporting and response services at your fingertips.

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           Implement cyber best practices

Employee cyber training

Train your employees to be the first line of defense

Available to Chubb cyber policyholders

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Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that gets you.

When a retail employee read through her emails, she noticed one with a link that looked suspicious. Because she’d received proper training, she knew what to do—and what not to do.

Password protection

Strengthen password security with these best practices

Available to Chubb cyber policyholders

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Good passwords don’t have to be difficult to be effective.

A small business owner needed to log in to a financial website and didn’t have any problem remembering her complex, secure password. That’s because she had an all-in-one solution that remembers and automatically fills in passwords, login information, personal information, and payment details—quickly and accurately.

Security ratings

Educate your workforce on cyber risk and response

Available to Chubb cyber policyholders

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Get continual ratings on systems and behavior to reliably detect threats before it’s too late.

Hackers gained unauthorized access to account information located on a school district’s network. IT discovered that an unauthorized user was in the system and immediately contacted the Chubb Incident Response Hotline.

Ransomware defense

Detect and prevent ransomware

Available to Chubb cyber policyholders

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People still fall victim to phishing attempts

Even with a well-educated workforce, people can open emails with malicious content that leads to a ransomware infection.  Protect your personal computers around the clock with a transparent endpoint detection and response solution.

           Plan ahead to respond quickly

Incident response coach

Get connected to cyber specialists in times of crisis

Pre-negotiated rates available for Chubb cyber policyholders

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Navigating a ransomware attack

A services company fell victim to a ransomware attack, rendering all their data inaccessible with a demand of $100,000 in Bitcoin. They immediately called Chubb’s 24-hour hotline and were connected with a Cyber Incident Response Coach. The preapproved law firm specialized in handling cyber matters quickly and helped get the company back up and running.

Incident response team

Limit your exposure when an incident occurs

Pre-negotiated rates available for Chubb cyber policyholders

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A dedicated team of experts

Upon learning that one of their doctors was being impersonated by an unlicensed physician, a healthcare organization jumped into action. They connected with a team of experts in computer forensics, public relations, notifications, call centers, and legal issues. The team worked to resolve the issues quickly, saving the organization’s reputation.

Cyber claims management

Resolve the impact of an incident quickly

Available to Chubb cyber policyholders

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Guidance through the claims process

When a retail organization experienced a cyber loss, they were assigned to a Chubb cyber claims specialist who implemented an initial analysis and triage of the incident. The specialist helped the company navigate through the process, answered questions about specific Cyber Incident Response Services, and assisted in engaging the Cyber Incident Response Team.

Get the most value from your Chubb cyber policy

All Chubb cyber policyholders are eligible for cyber services, including services at pre-negotiated rates. Take advantage of these benefits and request access today.

Get answers to important cyber risk management questions.

See common policyholder questions about our products, services, and claims.

Chubb Cyber Index

Dig into our data to stay ahead of trends

The Chubb Cyber Index provides you with real-time access to our proprietary data so you can evaluate how current cyber threats may impact your business.

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Experiencing a cyber incident?

Get immediate assistance 24/7

If you believe you’ve experienced a cyber incident, get immediate assistance from a Cyber Incident Response Coach:


Reach us with Chubb Cyber Alert® app

Reach us with Chubb Cyber Alert app
Once connected

Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team will assist you with a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Legal
  • Computer Forensics
  • Fraud Consultation
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Call Center
  • Public Relations

Chubb works with a wide range of Cyber Specialists for mitigation and response.

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