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A new report coauthored by Chubb, Symantec and CoverHound outlines a few simple measures that companies can use to create their own cyber risk management program and limit their exposure. Significantly more than half of all cyberattacks are directed at small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), and that number is steadily increasing.

Cyber security risks are uniquely challenging for SMEs due to:

  • frequency with which these threats manifest into bona fide cybersecurity incidents
  • severe business disruption and financial impacts
  • limited resources to respond and recover

Cyber Security Risks Higher For SMEs

Learn more in this special report "What All Cyber Criminals Know: Small & Midsize Businesses With Little or No Cyber Security Are Ideal Targets".

The following questions are answered in Chubb's report:

  • What is The Domino Effect?
  • Why Are SMEs Targeted?
  • How Do Cyber Criminals Gain Entry?
  • How can SMEs Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks?
  • Why Is Cybersecurity Essential to SME Survival?

Today's world requires proactive cybersecurity measures. Fortunately, simple measures as outlined in this report can provide effective protection at a low level of cost and complexity.

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