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With cyber risk, the threat landscape changes constantly. Basic applications don’t capture enough information to truly assess a company’s risk profile – or offer recommendations on how to address potential weaknesses. Chubb’s Global Cyber Facility assessment process transforms this process, capturing both objective and subjective criteria to provide an interactive view of exposures.


  • Designed to assess an organization’s risk profile
  • Provides interactive view of an organization’s cyber exposures
  • Identifies potential areas of concern or deficiency that can be proactively addressed to reduce risk
  • Based on a new foundation for cyber risk underwriting, Cyber COPE®

Sample Measurements


  • Number of endpoints
  • Number of network connections
  • Software versions
  • Data center locations


  • Policyholder’s industry
  • Quality of IT and security related policies
  • Percent of budget allocation for security
  • Use of industry standards
  • Quality of information governance
  • Percent of outsourced services
  • Board level risk appetite


  • Data retention
  • Firewalls
  • Incident response/response readiness
  • Monitoring
  • Encryption


  • Political or criminal motivation
  • Types of outsourcing
  • Common threat vulnerability
  • Type and amount of sensitive information
  • Reliance on network for operations
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements