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Even the smallest employee dispute can turn into expensive litigation. Spurred by federal legislation, monetary awards for employment-related claims - for harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, retaliation, defamation, unfair hiring practices, and other workplace torts - are steadily rising, with no end in sight. Employment-related claims can have a serious financial impact on your bottom line. Chubb specifically developed this policy with the EPL exposures of private companies in mind.

Coverage Highlights

Liability Coverage

  • Enhanced reporting provision when renewed with Chubb
  • Coverage for insured persons’ spouses and domestic partners for such insured persons’ wrongful acts
  • Subject to the applicable aggregate limit of liability, no cap on Chubb’s liability in the event the insured refuses to consent to a recommended settlement
  • Definition of Loss includes punitive, exemplary, and multiplied damages, where permitted by law, in the venue most favorable to the insured
  • Coverage for sold subsidiaries, whether sold before or during the policy period, continues during the policy period for acts committed during time as a subsidiary
  • Bilateral extended reporting period; any insured has right to purchase
  • Coverage is fully non-rescindable

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