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Although you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of an EPL lawsuit, this comprehensive, state-of-the-art program can help you proactively assess and manage your risk.

Risk Management Services for Loss Prevention

  • Broad-based, flexible risk management system offering access to state-of-the-art employment policies and practices, training vehicles, analytical tools, and EPL experts
  • Unmatched in the insurance industry, Chubb's EPL Loss Prevention Program offers:
    • Access to ChubbWorks: This free, online resource is available for customers seeking assistance with employment issues. It offers convenient access to comprehensive EPL loss prevention tools, including model employment policies, procedures, forms, and more. ChubbWorks also includes industry-specific zones for healthcare organizations and not-for-profit organizations, which include risk management information for EPL, D&O liability, and fiduciary liability exposures.
    • Loss Prevention Consultant Services: Chubb's network of more than 120 top law firms, HR consulting firms, and labor economist statistical firms offer specialized services designed to help you create customized solutions to their employment issues.
    • Toll-Free Hotline: Provides direct contact with a nationally recognized law firm to help you get immediate answers for most EPL questions.
    • Employment Practices Loss Prevention Guidelines Manual: A free booklet that discusses key employment issues in layman’s terms and offers proactive ideas for avoiding EPL lawsuits.

Download Our Employment Practices Loss Prevention Guidelines

Our new guide includes practical suggestions for limiting employment liability and discusses common types of employment claims and what to expect from employment litigation.