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Chubb has developed a network of more than 120 employment law firms, human resources and risk management consulting firms, and labor economist statistical firms that offer specialized services designed to help companies deal effectively with employment issues. Not only are these pre-approved firms available to our customers at preferred rates, but we will reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of those services that directly relate to the coverage offered under our EPLI policy.

Find a Consultant

Chubb chose its network of quality vendors with the goal of assuring customer satisfaction. The wide selection of vendors assures that customers will be able to find someone that meets their needs, even if their needs change over time. The cost-sharing system assures preferred rates, as well as customer commitment to take action. Customers make their own vendor selections from the network.*

How It Works

  1. The customer determines that it needs loss prevention assistance on an employment matter−such as diversity awareness of discrimination training, updating its employment handbook, putting together an affirmative action plan, assessing pay-equity exposure, etc.
  2. The customer assesses Chubb's on-line directory of more than 120 pre-approved vendors.
  3. The customer selects one or more vendors from the list and makes direct contact to arrange for services. We may allow a customer to use a vendor that is not on our list, as long as we approve that vendor in advance.*
  4. Once the services are delivered and an invoice is isued, we reimburse the customer for 50% of the cost of the qualified services, up to 10% of the customer's EPLI premium.

*Please note that services must be rendered and invoices must be submitted to Chubb during the policy period. Services rendered by one's own organization are not eligible for reimbursement.

What's Covered

Services available include:

  • Legal compliance audits of human resources/employment policies and practices.
  • Development or updating of human resources/employment policies and practices.
  • Training program design and implementation on topics such as employment discrimination laws, equal employment opportunity obligations, maintaining hostile-free work environments, interviewing skills, managing diversity, and handling corrective action and discharge issues, all with a focus on loss prevention.
  • Legal advice and counsel on employment issues.
  • Statistical analyses on workforce and employment practices to detect trends or patterns that could lead to regulatory problem, lawsuits, or employee allegations.
  • Any other employment practices loss prevention service, subject to Chubb's approval.

What's Not Covered

The scope of employment practices loss prevention services provided under Chubb's program must directly relate to the coverage provided under a Chubb EPL policy or insuring clause. By way of example, any employment practice loss prevention services related to union contract negotiations would not be considered a reimbursable service as liability relating to such negotiations is excluded under a Chubb EPL policy or insuring clause. Moreover, defense of employment litigation, matters before administrative agencies, or demands for monetary damages would not be considered a reimbursable service either, since a Chubb EPL policy or insuring clause addresses such legal expenses. If you are unsure whether a service falls within the scope of the program, contact your agent or local Chubb underwriter.                        

In addition, Chubb only covers costs directly relating to the content of the loss prevention. Chubb will not reimburse for ancillary travel or other services, nor do we pay the customer's internal expenses for staff, equipment, or supplies.                        

Note: In order to provide you with a full understanding of the expertise of the firms in the network, some of the vendor profiles include services that may not be covered under Chubb's employment practices loss prevention services