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Industry Highlights

You started with an idea. With the support of partners, investors and employees, your idea grew into a company. Through the late nights and hard work of your team to develop your clean technology or solution, you can clearly see your company’s future. But have you considered the risks that could keep you from reaching your goals? While you’re busy inventing the future, Chubb can help you manage your risks.

Manage Risks

For R&D start-ups, true valuation of your property is the first step to risk management.  Protecting your proprietary prototypes is essential. A costly fire, catastrophe or other threat could disrupt your entire R&D operation. Damage to critical research documents and supporting materials could set back your progress by months or years. If your confidential data for software or hardware is lost or compromised, you could be out of business before you start. And as you grow, increasing international travel for key employees needs to be considered.

Whether you’re developing biofuel from algae, inventing next-generation components for clean transportation solutions, or testing a Smart Grid technology, early-stage clean technology companies must deal with the realities of limited resources and investor demands. Your success requires balancing a passion for innovation with the need to protect your company’s future against the most critical risks.