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Multi-Factor Authentication Helps Shut Cyber Criminals Out

Some cyber criminals have begun employing a highly targeted method: business email account hijacking and impersonation, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC). Thankfully, there are simple ways to block these increasingly complex attacks.

10 Common Gaps in Cyber Security

As the number of cyber attacks increase steadily, businesses must step up their defenses to protect one of their most valuable assets – data. In order to do so, they need to know where their weaknesses are, before implementing measures to plug those gaps.

Ten Tips to Stay Cyber-Safe When Working Remotely

The global move to remote work is also impacting the security of businesses and individuals, as cyber criminals take advantage of the situation. Here's ten tips to help organizations and their employees stay cyber-safe in this unprecedented environment.

Cyber Claims Scenarios

When you purchase insurance, you are purchasing peace of mind. Read more about what cyber claims scenarios Chubb has handled and paid recently.

GDPR: European Regulation with Global Reach

The GDPR is a privacy regulation with protection for the personal data of EU residents wherever their data may travel and attempts to protect this personal data on a global basis. Download Chubb’s advisory for an overview of the importance of the GDPR, as well as a background on EU privacy regulations.

Emerging Risk Considerations in Global M&A Transactions

Private equity dealmakers are faced with unique and growing financial exposures. Three such concerns inherent in M&A transactions are cybersecurity risks, transactional risks and multinational expansion risks. Learn more in our whitepaper about how the use of a specialized risk transfer mechanism is valuable for the transaction to proceed with greater clarity and confidence.

What All Cyber Criminals Know

93 percent of small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) that have experienced a cyber incident reported a severe impact to their business. Read more about why SMEs are targeted and what measures you can take to help prevent a cyberattack.

Cyber Loss Mitigation for Directors

Cyber exposures come from a wide variety of sources. Learn more about how directors and officers can identify, mitigate, respond to and recover from a cyber incident.


How Can You Minimize Cyber Risk?

Watch how many of our early career program employees have advanced and are now taking on some of Chubb’s biggest challenges in the digital age.