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Chubb’s Cyber Alert® application is designed to offer you 24/7 incident reporting and response service resources at your fingertips.

Application Features

  • 24/7 incident reporting via your mobile device
  • Ability to view incident reporting history to further help coordinate response efforts
  • Assistance from Chubb’s Cyber Incident Response Team to help handle a cyber incident from initial intake all the way to post-review claims handling
  • Ability to build a profile of relevant information, such as customer names and locations prior to an incident to save time post-incident
  • Ability to submit additional files and photos to help in the assessment of an event
  • Ability to use as a single individual or as part of a company-wide incident response plan

Mobile Application

Chubb’s Cyber Alert® application is available through iOS and Android.

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Available now on both:

Chubb’s Cyber Alert® Application

Chubb offers an incident reporting app designed to provide clients with access to incident response services and resources when a cyber incident occurs.