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From museums and historic buildings to botanical gardens and zoos, each cultural institution must responsibly protect its facility, its collections, and its operations. The risks these institutions face are as unique as their exhibits.

With decades of risk management expertise and tailored insurance products, Chubb is prepared to meet the specialized needs of many cultural institutions: 

  • Aquariums
  • Arboretums
  • Art galleries
  • Botanical gardens
  • Historic sites and buildings
  • Historical societies
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • Planetariums and observatories
  • Zoos

Consider the following:

  • Does your facility house valuable or one-of-a-kind items?
  • Do any of your buildings have significant historic, aesthetic, or architectural features?
  • Could you withstand allegations by donors of mismanagement of your organization?
  • What would happen if several employees sued you for discrimination?
  • Are you prepared for a multimillion-dollar liability claim?
  • How would you handle an extortion threat to publicize proprietary information?

For more than 50 years, cultural institutions have relied on Chubb for insurance products and services that provide an effective program for managing their risk. Our tailored solutions respond to the unique and changing risks of institutions whose primary mission is to collect, display, educate, and preserve.

Manage Cultural Institution Risks

As revenue sources change, a growing number of institutions have started to lease their facilities for private events or have started to offer a range of programs and services outside their traditional focus. These changes in operation may introduce a number of different exposures.

Read our article, Private Events Invite New Risks, to learn more.

Risk Engineering Services for Cultural Institutions

The operations of cultural institutions are evolving. Chubb risk engineers have the experience and knowledge to guide you through development of a risk management program to support your changing operations. Learn more.

Chubb Small Business Insurance

Chubb Small Business leverages superior underwriting expertise and world-renowned claims and account services to offer exceptional insurance solutions for small cultural institutions.