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Industry Highlights

You have built your company into a thriving commercialized business. With a well-developed product or service and thorough strategic planning, you have expanded your markets and gained customers. Your next challenge is reaching your goals for growth and managing your clean technology company’s global risks and opportunities. With our integrated global insurance network of branches and affiliates, Chubb understands the complexities of today’s global marketplace and can respond to your insurance needs around the world.

Insurance Highlights

Fully commercialized clean tech companies must deal with issues on a global scale—from disruption of your international supply chain to concerns about your company’s compliance with local regulations and insurance codes.

Chubb offers a number of global insurance solutions tailored to fit your company’s specific needs, including foreign voluntary workers compensation for traveling employees, contingent business income insurance to protect against delays or disruptions at your supplier’s location, and global general liability insurance to respond to potential product liability litigation worldwide.  

Whether you’re shipping solar panel components manufactured in China to the United States, assembling power systems for hybrid vehicles, or producing renewable energy at multiple locations throughout the world, your global business requires global insurance solutions to protect your investments and your people.